Friday, March 19, 2010

Books at Bedtime

We have started a new privilege for Caedmon in our home that he truly loves...library books in his bed at bedtime. Our bedtime routine has always included the reading of a story, but lately that hasn't seemed to "wind him down" enough. So, we decided to try letting him "read" to his stuffed animal for 10-15 minutes after bedtime routine was complete. We don't do this every night...especially if we're late getting him to bed. But he loves it when we do. He also understands that if he whines when we come back in to take the library books and turn off the lights, he will not get his books the following night.

I wish I could say this has been the magic cure and the missing puzzle piece to getting Caedmon to stay in his bed and go straight to sleep without complaining.  Not so much. But it does provide one more incentive for him to make good choices leading up to bedtime. So, it's at least helpful enough that I thought it was worth passing along!

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