Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Donations Requested

Hey blog fans,

I've never done anything like this, but I'd like to ask you to consider donating something for the orphans in Ethiopia. These donations will go straight to the orphanages and transition home that our adoption agency works with. They will be benefiting the kiddos there and Andy & I will simply have the great privilege of delivering it! I am including a list of ideas below. If you'd like to participate, simply choose an item or two and ship it to the following address: (If you live here in San Jose, you can either drop it by or bring it with you to church!)

South Bay Church
attn: Ethiopia donations
2833 Junction Avenue Suite 207
San Jose, CA 95134

Then, leave a comment with the items that you are sending so that others will know what's already been covered. Thanks in advance for your participation!! This will be fun!

Children's Motrin
Infant/Children's Tylenol
Cough Medicine
craft supplies
snacks (x at least 100)
jump ropes
sidewalk chalk
deflatable balls w/ pump
underwear for boys & girls ages 10 and under
plastic jewlery
rocket balloons
clothing for older kids (ages 3-10)
toy cars
packs of gum
granola bars/prepackaged food (for street kids)
scrubs for the nannies (size 6 or 8)- there are about 70 nannies!
crocs for the nannies (size 6 or 8)

Just because one person donates something does not mean someone else cannot donate the same item. In fact, it's probably better to have large quantities of the same item then to have just a couple of all the different items.

Happy Shopping!!

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