Thursday, May 20, 2010

Please pray for our son

We received an email from our adoption agency this morning letting us know that our son (20 months old) has an upper respiratory track infection (URTI) and a soft tissue injury. I called to get more info and our family coordinator told us that she had already requested more info regarding the nature of the "soft tissue injury". That's all they told her and that could mean a wide range of things. Probably nothing too serious, but she told me she'd update me as soon as she heard anything.

Our family coordinator also mentioned that URTI's are unfortunately really common in the transition home where our child is living. The children are quite susceptible to that and to pneumonia.

The good news is that there is a full-time pediatrician that works with the children at the transition home and our son is being given the same antibiotics there that he would be receiving here. The thing he's not getting is time in his mommy's arms as I rock him and comfort him while he's sick.

While some people might be of the belief that it makes a kid "stronger" to not be coddled so much when they're sick, I think it has a tendency to make a child harder. They initially desire the comfort of an adults love, but when they learn that it's unavailable, they find ways to soothe themselves and eventually won't know how to receive that love when it's offered.

I know that the nannies at the transition home are wonderful and affectionate and they love the children. But the reality is, the kids are not getting one-on-one care and the nannies don't have the time to rock a sick child for hours on end.

So, I'd like to ask you to pray with me about something...I feel confident that our son is getting his physical needs met and that his body will heal (though I would love for you to pray for this too!). The thing I'd really like your prayer for is that God will protect his heart even when all of his emotional needs are not being met. I pray that God will keep his heart tender and that he will be ready and eager to soak in all the love that we want to give him. Pray that there would be a nanny to give him a little extra love and attention while he's sick.

I may never know if you stop right now to pray for him, but please know that I deeply appreciate it if you do. And I believe it makes a difference.


shauna said...

This precious son of yours has come to my mind often this week and I give all credit to our Great Intercessor. I have and will continue to pray for a spirit of a sound mind and not one of fear. I am also praying that His LOVE will conquer any and all fears!

Sanders said...

Praying for your son. Any update?