Monday, May 17, 2010


Love this Bible. It's seriously the best children's Bible I've ever read. We got one for Caedmon a year or so ago and have worn ours out. The binding is coming lose and several pages have been ripped. Kinda unavoidable with a small child.

That's what makes what happened last Sunday all the more disturbing.

On Mother's Day South Bay had a baby dedication. We gave each child one of these Jesus Storybook Bible's as a gift. A great investment! Andy brought all of the Bibles over to our house the Thursday before to sign them and, you guessed it, Caedmon's Bible somehow got mixed in the stack.

Unfortunately we didn't realize that Caedmon's Bible was missing until the following week. So some poor family inherited Caedmon's Bible as their precious baby dedication gift. They probably think South Bay bought their gift at some second hand bookstore and tried to pretend like it was new!

If you are reading this post and realized that YOU inherited Caedmon's Bible, please let me know and we will gladly switch it out!


Danielle said...

We loved this book!!! However, we retired it when our Ethiopian children came home for one reason. In the story of Philip and the Ethiopian, the Ethiopian is white!!!! Our children are older (3&5) and noticed that the Ethiopian didn't have "Ethiopian skin" (AKA brown skin :)

Stacie said...

That is so funny! I hadn't even noticed that! I'm going to have to start paying more attention to that kind of stuff now that I'm joining the ranks of adoptive parents!