Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Caedmon!

Caedmon turned 4 years old two weeks ago. We ended up having 4 different celebrations...birthday party with friends, actual birthday complete with a playdate and dinner at Red Robbin (Caedmon's pick) with the family, cupcakes at his preschool, and one more when a package arrived a few days after the big day!

We had a great time celebrating his life! Here are a few of my favorite pics:

Spiderman Cupcakes...Caedmon wanted me to draw
Spiderman on the cupcake. I told him a web was as
close as I could get!

Spiderman masks instead of party hats

Cailyn Santos enjoying her cupcake

 All the kiddos

Present time...everyone wanted to help!

A $5 Spiderman umbrella was Caedmons #1 birthday wish

 Caedmon got a new friend/pen pal via Compassion International.
His friend, Yohannis, is from Ethiopia and is the same age as Caedmon.
Birthday celebration at preschool.
The teachers have told us that they often have to separate 
Caedmon & Lily because they do everything together.

Mommy & the birthday this pic

 Presents from Mimi & Papa.
These have been a huge hit around here!

Love that kid. Happy Birthday to my precious Caedmon!

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