Thursday, September 9, 2010

So, how is Caedmon adjusting?

That's a question I've been hearing a lot lately, so I thought I'd just answer it publicly. Overall, Caedmon is fantastic! He brings me such joy and I feel so endeared to that child it is absolutely insane. He has grown up right before my eyes over the past couple of weeks. Having a little one in the home makes the older one seem so much bigger! I just want to squeeze him every time I see him looking all grown up in his collared Polo shirt, jeans, and Chuck Taylor All Star shoes. So stinkin' cute!

(He refuses to look directly at the camera.)

Caedmon started preschool for the first time last week! He loves it. He goes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-12 and happens to be in the same class as Fi & Mandy's little girl, Lily. This is a great opportunity for him to feel like he's a big boy and gets to do something special on his own. It also gives me a little time one-on-one with Sammy each week.

He is REALLY into super-heros right now. My mom bought him a Buzz Lightyear costume and he has hardly taken it off. He wants to put it on as soon as he wakes up in the morning, has worn it to Walmart, and requests to sleep in it for naptime! A friend also recently gave him two pairs of Batman pajamas which he thinks is fantastic.

He's shooting his laser here.

No shame

Nap time apparel

Adjusting to having a little brother has been difficult in many ways. The first week Sammy was home, Caedmon was quite emotional...which is normal for Caedmon, but even taken to another level. Caedmon, who could typically care less about milk, decided he needed a cup of milked warmed up every time Sammy had a cup of milk warmed up! He wet his pants multiple times. And every time he woke up and saw Sammy, the expression on his face said, "'re still here?"

In many ways, Sammy relates much better to Caedmon than Caedmon relates to Sammy. This isn't surprising to me because Sammy is used to living with 12 other kids in one room, so sharing a whole apartment with 1 other kid is no big deal. He tries to wrestle with Caedmon, play with Caedmon, and thinks Caedmon is absolutely hysterical!

Caedmon, on the other hand, tries to store all of his "special big-boy toys" in high places around the house where Sammy can't reach them. If Caedmon notices Sammy (peacefully) playing with a toy, he suddenly becomes extremely interested in that particular toy and needs it right away. Many-a-tear has been shed over either not getting the toy (Caedmon) or getting the toy yanked out of his hand (Sammy).

Caedmon also finds it necessary to give me the play-by-play on all that Sammy is if we're not all 3 in the same room sitting 3 feet from each other. "Mommy, Sammy's touching this... Sammy's climbing that..."

Caedmon has also miraculously developed a skill of reading minds and interpreting baby babble. He says things like, "Mommy, Sammy wants to read this book but I'm reading this book... Mommy, Sammy says he wants to drink out of my cup but I'm drinking out of my cup."

Overall, it is typical sibling stuff and we are growing through it. Having a brother will be so good for Caedmon, and we are still holding our breath that one day they may actually become friends!

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