Saturday, November 20, 2010

$10 Date Night

If you know the Wood family, you know "Date Night" is a high priority around here. Andy & I go out on a date every Friday night while Filipe & Mandy babysit our kids. It's awesome. When we come home, our kids have been fed, bathed, and are peacefully sleeping in their beds, FOR FREE! And there's no guilt in accepting the free babysitting because we do the same thing for them every Thursday night. I highly recommend finding a family to swap babysitting with.

Some people wonder how in the world we can afford to go out on a date every week. Well, our dates are rarely extravagant. We often split a meal at a mid-grade restaurant and then go out for coffee afterwards. This month, however, our "eating out" budget has been a little tight. So last night we enjoyed a $10 date, and it was oh so nice! Let me share...

I received a coupon to get a Bertolli Ready Bake meal for $5 from Target. So I bought chicken cannelloni and I put a salad with it. A quick, easy dinner that was actually really yummy. We ate it on fine china over candlelight with Josh Groban serenading us.  After dinner, we went by Peet's and got Andy a drink with a gift card someone had given him. Then we went to Starbucks and got me a free drink with a coupon I had. We also bought a couple of chocolate mint brownies for $5 and enjoyed our drinks, dessert, and a great conversation.

And there you have it...a great date night for $10. Be creative and prioritize date night. Your marriage will thank you!

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