Monday, November 15, 2010

Big brother, Little brother

Sammy's language is picking up like wildfire and I believe that much of that can be attributed to his older brother. Caedmon is a talking machine from morning until night, so Sammy has ample opportunity to hear language all day long!

Some of the not-so-great additions to the vocabulary include:
"Go away!" -- often heard when trying to make him lay down and go to sleep.
"Stop it!" -- often heard when I'm singing to him.
"No way!" -- often heard when I ask him to come.

Thank you, Caedmon, for teaching Sammy the essentials of survival as an American toddler. See, he's fitting right in already!

Sammy has also, graciously, taught Caedmon a thing or two...Caedmon is much more into hitting, kicking, and biting now that he's sees Sammy's example.

Brothers, brothers...

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Tine said...

Being a mother a multiple children is not easy. But someday we will see it's rewards!! I'm so glad we have a much greater Purpose to keep us motivated on our mission as moms. I admire you Stacie! God bless you each day with renewed strength, love, patience and dedication. :)