Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today I feel compelled to tell you some of the reasons why loving Andy is so easy right now...

  • This morning he spontaneously told me, "Why don't you walk over to Starbucks for 45 minutes and enjoy reading your Bible while I get the boys their breakfast." I was shocked. And thankful. And I REALLY enjoyed it.
  • He prays for me...every day during his prayer time and every night as we lay in bed. And especially when he knows I'm struggling with something.
  • Most days he calls during the boys naptime to see how my morning went. The conversation is typically less than 5 minutes.
  • He works diligently to allow me to have breaks every now and then...Wednesday nights after dinner, Saturday mornings, etc.
  • He allows me to be completely honest about how I'm feeling or what I'm struggling with without judging me or correcting me. I'm thankful for that freedom, and I'm also thankful for his words of encouragement that help me see things from a different perspective.
I could go on and on telling you about wrestling matches with the boys, washing dishes, picking up after himself, and other things. But I'll stop here for today and just let you know that I'm thankful for my husband. 

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