Thursday, September 1, 2011

Falling for Fall

I love Fall.

Not sure if it's because
  • the crispness in the air after the hot summer days,
  • all the new school supplies in Target that make me giddy,
  • my birthday and both of my kiddos birthdays are in the Fall, or
  • the fresh start of a new schedule 
Whatever it is, Fall makes me feel energized and motivated and who doesn't love to feel like that?

I think I have some borderline disorder with an obsession for school supplies. I really don't need any, but I am so tempted to buy them all. I can get a buzz just by walking through a teacher supply store. When I taught kindergarten (my long, illustrious career of 2 years!) I loved setting up my classroom the week before school started. Now, when the kids arrived the following week my gleeful naivity and high expectations were met with a healthy dose of reality...reminding me that 2 years was just about the right length for my teaching career!

Caedmon started back to preschool today. He was so excited and I was too. He has the same precious teachers that he had last year and I could not be more happy with the environment he's in for those three hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

We're looking forward to field trips and class parties and picnics at the park after preschool. We'll meet new friends and learn new skills. We're praying that Caedmon will grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and men.

 Not everyone in the Wood family was excited about Caedmon going back to school. Or at least not very happy that he didn't get to go, too!

Maybe next year, Sammy! This year you get some good ol' 1-on-1 time with Mommy instead.

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