Thursday, September 29, 2011

I may like Lego's more than they do...

Somebody please tell me that I am not the only parent who does this...

As most of you know, Caedmon recently celebrated his 5th birthday and was blessed to receive several packs of Star Wars Lego's. This is a new addition to our toy collection. I was not familiar with how precise you have to be in putting together the Lego's in order to create the desired/intended outcome. It's honestly a little too advanced for Caedmon, but nevertheless, he LOVES them and is very excited to have them.

I have spent hours (not at all an exaggeration, I'm just embarrassed to tell you how many!) putting these Star Wars Lego's together. I actually quite enjoy it. The activity is strangely relaxing and therapeutic for me. The only thing is, Caedmon quickly loses interest in watching me construct "Ewok Attack" or "Sith Nightspeeder" He'll start off by handing me pieces that I need and trying to construct things on his own. Then he'll move on to playing with a different toy right beside me. Then I'll notice that he's not even in the room with me anymore. And here am I, 30 minutes later, diligently focused on this project (and enjoying it a little too much)!

The other night I had all the Star Wars Lego's constructed and on display. I was so proud of my work that I took pictures!

The Lego creations are actually quite fragile so it's a little tricky for a 5 & 2 year old to "play" with them without destroying them. So after we were finished all playing with them together, I put them up so they couldn't be touched without adult supervision. We wouldn't want my hours of hard work going to waste, right?

The next morning I walked in the playroom where the boys had been having fun with another unnamed adult in our family only to find little pieces of Star Wars Lego's all over the floor! Really? They lasted less than 24 hours?! Caedmon said, "I'm sorry, Mom. We were just having fun!" Well, I guess that's why we have them after all. And it gives me an excuse to engage in a little "play therapy"! :-)

Please tell me that I am not the only parent out there who finds themselves lost in a toy long after their child has lost interest!


Jessica said...

You are better than me. I have tried and just get frustrated at how many pieces there are. Now, if you start getting this excited about transformers I may be a little upset. I can't figure those things to save my life. Just too many ways to get a robot to a truck. LOL. But the work you did with those legos was superb.

Anonymous said...

I love it Stacie! There's nothing wrong with a little lego therapy. Have fun! Blessings, Lisa