Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Star Wars Birthday Pics

Master Jedi Caedmon requested a Star Wars party for his 5th birthday, which sent me scouring the internet to come up with ideas. I'm not a big Star Wars fan, have never seen any of the movies (gasp!), and therefore had no ideas what to do. But, alas, the trusty internet came through again and provided not only a ton of ideas, but also step-by-step instructions for things like "how to draw Yoda" and "how to make a Yoda cake". 

So here's how the party unfolded...

The guests were greeted by the signs on our door, covered in black plastic, which read "Welcome to the Wood Galaxy. Warning: Jedi in Training." (The Star Wars font can be downloaded off the internet for free.)

When they came inside, there was a slide show of Star Wars pictures and the theme song from Star Wars playing on our TV. We also decorated one wall in our house to have a Star Wars look.

Upon arrival, all Jedi were escorted to the DROID FACTORY where they were to construct droids using biodegradable packing peanuts. The packing peanuts stick together if they get wet (via a wet sponge or by licking, which seemed to be the preferred method). 

Once all the Jedi had arrived, they convened for their first JEDI COUNSEL. All of the children had either of gold or black fabric square to sit on to listen to instructions from Andy, who looked something like Darth Vader for most of the party. 

Andy told the Jedi,  
"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Jedi Master Caedmon called all his friends to come help restore peace and tranquility to the universe in honor of his 5th birthday. As the Jedi arrived, your first task was to construct droids at the Droid Factory. 

You are now sitting in our Jedi Counsel Chamber where we will discuss further plans to improve our Jedi skills. What is the most important weapon that a true Jedi needs? (a lightsaber) Ahh, yes, a lightsaber! One of our favorite Star Wars hero has a problem. He has lost his lightsaber and he requires YOUR assistance in getting it back into his hands."

At this point all Jedi participated in a game of "Pin the lightsaber on Yoda." The lightsabers were made of green poster board with the handle colored black. I drew Yoda on bulletin board paper.

Back to the JEDI COUNSEL:
"Well done, Jedi knights. You completed your mission of helping restore the lightsaber to Yoda. But your job is not complete! Before you may have a lightsaber of your own, you must learn proper technique and form. A lightsaber requires delicate control, not whacking each other. In order to develop your Jedi skills we will have a relay race where you must push the ancient rock with the lightsaber."
We divided the kids into 2 teams: Black/Gold according to whatever color square they were sitting on.The relay race consisted of them pushing a ball covered in aluminum foil back and forth across the living room.


Back to the JEDI COUNSEL:
"Well done, Jedi knights. You’re skill are improving rapidly and you are almost ready for your final test where you will be rewarded with your lightsaber. However, it is very important that you have enough energy to complete this final exercise. Therefore, we are going to refuel our bodies with the nourishment of true Jedi Knights.

Today, you may choose to eat:
Anakin Apples
            Ventress Veggies
            Jedi Jigglers
            Chewbacca Cheese & Crackers
            Obi Wan Orange Chicken
            Storm Trooper Tacos, and
            Pizza the Hutt

Your parents can help you get your food, but then hurry back to our Jedi Counsel Chamber to eat together with your fellow Jedi Knights."

As the Jedi finished eating they were instructed to return to the Droid Factory to build more droids. They could also choose to color some Star Wars coloring pages that we printed from the internet.

Back to the JEDI COUNSEL:
"Congratulations, Jedi knights. You have made it to the final round of Jedi training. Our final exercise will take place outside in outer space. We must be sure that you have mastered your skills in all parts of the Galaxy. As we depart to the outdoor Docking Bay, we will behave as Jedi Knights. We will walk swiftly in a straight line like soldiers. There will be no smiling, no laughing, and no goofing off! We are in Jedi training! Are you ready? (Yes, sir!) Ok, follow me."
For the final game the Jedi were on one side of the field and their lightsabers (inflatable ones from Party City) were on the opposite side. In the middle of the field stood Andy & Filipe, both wearing Darth Vader masks. The Jedi had to get from one side of the Abyss to the other, retrieve their lightsaber, and get back without being tagged by Darth Vader. If they were tagged they had to freeze until another Jedi came to unfreeze them. The game was rather chaotic and there was no real point or ending to the game, but the kids didn't care and just ran around laughing and whacking each other with their lightsabers!

To end the party, we reconvened all the Jedi to sing Happy Birthday to Master Jedi Caedmon and enjoy some cupcakes & cake. I realize that my Yoda cake looks more like an elderly monkey with large ears than Yoda, but hey, it's the best I could do. I told Caedmon before I started making it, "Caedmon, I'm not sure how this will turn out, but no matter what I want you to say, 'That's awesome, Mommy! I love it!'" And he did. Andy told me, "That is hands-down the best Yoda cake I've ever seen." I said, "Andy, that compliment means nothing to me because it is the ONLY Yoda cake you've ever seen!" At least I get an E for effort!

Those are mini-lightsabers in the cupcakes.

Notice my hand covering Sammy's mouth so that he can't blow out the candles!

There are a few more pictures that are too good to be left out, but I'll post those tomorrow. Until then, may the force be with you!

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marci said...

That looks like a fun party. My son is having a star wars birthday party next month. I may just have to use some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing.