Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Last night at dinner, Andy showed me a video he had prepared with messages from friends and family. The final message was from my sister and my mom. They said that Andy had been working so hard to make this birthday special for me. As he thought about what is most meaningful to me, he knew family is what matters most. So they told me (in the video) to turn around. This is what happened...

YAY!!!! Girls weekend in SF! Andy is taking care of the kiddos and we are headed up for a weekend in the city. Thank you SO MUCH, Andy, Dad, Steve, & Kevin for making this happen. We are going to enjoy every minute of this!!!

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Debbie G said...

Happy Birthday Stacie! What a wonderful surprise for your 30th. Great job Andy:) Have a wonderful weekend with your mom and sisters. Love, Debbie