Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Season

One of the highlights of my fall is taking the boys to a Pumpkin Patch. I think Andy & I may look forward to it even more than they do! There's something about all of the colors that is mesmerizing to me: bright orange pumpkins, bright green corn stalks, bright blue sky, ahhhh. So nice! Not to mention perfect weather (mid-70's with abundant sunshine) and the beautiful mountains gracing the horizon. There are some really great Pumpkin Patches out here in the Bay area. This year we went to Uesugi Farm down in Morgan Hill.

The corn maze had touch & feel boards to teach kids different facts about bees.

Caedmon's hugs are slightly akin to a headlock. 
Notice how happy Caedmon looks and that Sammy is a little distressed!

 My Ethiopian cowboy!

Such a pretty lil' thing!

I love the look on Sammy's face! He was trying to smile, but was a little freaked out 
by all the noises the train was making! He had a good time once we got going, though.

 We babysat the Santos kids that night so we had a pumpkin decorating party. 
Efraim just chilled at the train table (top left corner). :-)

This was one of about 20 shots trying to get them both looking at the camera 
and showing off their pumpkin. Someone was always jumping or had a pumpkin 
in their face or was turned around or... Really guys? How hard can this be?! 
So, please excuse the blurry, grainy picture taken on my phone!

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