Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Bright, Sunshiny Day

We are LOVING having a back "yard" to play in!! I put yard in quotation marks because there is no grass. But it is a big, fenced in area for the kids to play and explore without Mom hovering right over them. I think we've eaten lunch outside almost every day since we moved!

The boys' absolute favorite thing to do is play with water. Here's a glimpse at their fun... (Please excuse the inappropriate attire. I have yet to find their bathing suits in the unpacking process. But aren't little boys in their underwear the cutest thing ever?!)

I have some thank-you notes to write while the Littles are napping. I think I'll head on outside myself to enjoy the sunshine while I write!


Anonymous said...

they really are CUUTE!

Anonymous said...

They really are verrry CUUTE!