Wednesday, March 7, 2012


There is ONE reason why we moved to California. ONE reason why we would pick up to move 3,000 miles away from family whom we love very deeply and miss very much. ONE reason we would take a risk and start over in a place (a very expensive place) where we knew no one.

That ONE reason is the hope of seeing lives changed by the love and power of God.

Every time we have a baptism celebration at South Bay, I am reminded of why we came. It feels so right and good and exhilarating to hear people's stories and to see them embrace the life changing message of Jesus. I stand in the crowd cheering them on, sometimes choking back tears, thinking to myself, "YOU are the reason that we moved. And you are so worth it."

Here's a story of ONE life that was changed. I hope it touches your heart the way it touched mine.

Way to go, Marian! We are so happy for you!!!

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