Thursday, March 29, 2012

Please Pray for Lori

If any of you have kiddos that are apart of BayKids at South Bay Church, then surely you already know and love Jennalene Nelson! She is one of our children's directors and if you have never seen her in action with those kids you are missing out. She is so gifted and South Bay's kids (& parents) adore her.

Jennalene's mom, Lori, is fighting for her life right now and I want to ask you to pray. Not just to read this and have compassion or warm wishes in your heart. But to stop and cry out to an Almighty God who is able to heal her completely. If it was your mom, I know you would want an army of people who would take some time to pray on her behalf.

Lori was diagnosed with leukemia last July. This was a devastating blow to their family. Jennalene has two younger siblings, Robin (16) & Gavin (13) who still live at home. Lori has always been in great health and so the onset of cancer was an enormous shock.

Last week, the doctors told Jennalene's family that there was nothing else they could do for her and she would probably only live a couple more days. Jennalene immediately got on a plane (by herself) to take the flight that no child ever wants to take. That was 9 days ago, and Lori is still holding on.

In fact, she is doing more than holding on. She is fighting with everything she's got! Jennalene sent me a text that says:
"She is determined to walk again. She has asked for physical therapy and is forcing herself to eat. And she is also working to regain full speech. This morning her doctor was impressed with her improvement and saw that her white blood cell count has gone up. He then decided to start her on another round of chemo right away. All this after them telling her last week that there was nothing left to do! Praise God!!"

Lori is a follower of Jesus and she believes in His power to heal her. She has the will to live and is fighting right now. She's fighting for her 3 children and her 2 grandchildren.

I will keep you updated as I hear updates. But for now, please pray for God to miraculously bring Lori back from the valley of the shadow of death. He is there with her and He is MIGHTY TO SAVE!