Tuesday, May 15, 2012

9 Years and Counting

Do you know why I decided to marry Andy Wood? (Andy loves to tell everyone that he had made up his mind to marry me long before I was certain.) I labored over the decision. Lots of prayers. Lots of tears. It's a pretty major decision, right?
Here was the deciding factor...Andy had something in him that I could not live without. 
At that point in time, I still had lots of questions regarding all the things about him I wasn't sure if I could live with. But I knew that there was something in that man that I could not live without. 
I'm not exactly sure how to define "it". Passion for God, anointing, a fire in his belly, a clear and certain calling... I don't know, but I knew I had to be apart of whatever "it" was. I knew God was taking him places and if I missed this chance to jump on board it would be a decision I'd regret the rest of my life. 
Last Thursday Andy and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. 
9 years of sharing the covers. 
9 years of sitting in the passenger seat with my feet on the dashboard while he drives. 
9 years of date nights. 
9 years of walking into restaurants and meetings with his hand on my back.
9 years of waiting for each other outside of public restrooms.
9 years of pulling the armrest up at movie theaters.
9 years of "Have a good day" kisses and "Welcome home" kisses.
9 years of scanning a crowded room until our eyes meet.
9 years of us. The married kind of us.
There are parts of our lives that I never could have imagined 9 years ago. And other parts that are just the way I had dreamed they would be. 
While day-to-day, week-to-week life feels pretty normal and ho-hum and routine, when I look back over 9 years I see clearly the adventure that God has had us on. There is no one I would rather hold hands with than Andy Wood as we take one leap of faith after another. Tiptoeing up to the edge of cliff...should we move to California? should we adopt a child? should we give that away? is this the right timing? I don't know, but whatever we do we're going to do it together. 
My heart is his. Forever. 

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