Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Be Present

Today, while my husband is away on a 10 day mission trip, I want to "Be Present" with my children. To be mentally and emotionally engaged all day. To listen to them talk without rushing them to the punch line or letting my mind think of something else.

I will sit down and play with them at least once today. I will allow them to help stir instead of shooing them out of the kitchen. I will look in their eyes and down deep in their hearts. I will not rush them in their slow attempts to climb in their carseats or walk from place to place.

I will welcome moments of interruptions and inconvenience instead of mumbling in frustration something about being busy or wasting my time. I will Be Present in this moment without straining to get to the next.

I will embrace my role in this season of life, accepting its limitations and appreciating its gifts.

Today I will sit down to eat instead of hovering over the kitchen sink while I put a meal together for the boys. I will taste each bite. I will sip instead of gulp. I will smile instead of roll my eyes.

This is my only shot at today, and I will Be Present.

I'd say they're worth it...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Stacie, this pic of the boys is precious! Have a great day! Lisa