Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When the grandparents come to town...

You may have noticed that I was MIA from the blogosphere last week. My parents were in town and we were just too busy making memories to have the time to write about them all. But, I couldn't neglect you the pleasure of seeing some of these joy-filled pictures. Brace yourself for a photo overload...

On Monday we took a day trip up to the Sonoma Valley where we ate lunch 
at Johnny Garlic's and then headed over to Goat Rock Beach. 

The cold air and frigid water did not stop Caedmon from getting completely drenched.
Glad I brought a change of clothes!

Sammy's smile will light up your life. And, yes, he really is that happy about 85% of the time!

Perhaps the most photogenic kid ever born.

I love this picture of Caedmon!

A rare picture of me when I got out from behind the lens.

You'd think they were best friends by looking at this photo. 
That would be a "work-in-progress", Ladies & Gentlemen.

Exhibit A of how my dad threw out his back when we were kids.
He just CANNOT resist jumping in the fun!

Stopped in Windsor for Starbucks, playground, and a picture with Snoopy before heading back home.

On Tuesday, Caedmon played hooky from school to go miniature golfing with his CC & Pops.

That afternoon, my dad & I borrowed a friend's motorcycle for a ride to Santa Cruz and up Hwy 1. My dad & I used to ride together a lot when I was growing up and he's always wanted to ride in CA. So for his birthday present this year, I arranged a Daddy/Daughter bike ride! It was such a beautiful drive. I wish I had pictures, but it's slightly tricky to take a big ol' camera on a bike like that.

A trip to Happy Hollow

Caedmon has loved animals since he was a baby and has a real gift in working them. Such a natural.
Sammy, on the other hand, was petrified of animals when he first came into our family. As you can see from the picture below, we've made a ton of progress...but this is still an act of major courage for him! 

Am I biased, or are my kids really as good looking as I think they are?

I love this pic of Andy (taken by Caedmon). He makes me laugh.
Every time he comes with us to Happy Hollow, I think he has just as much fun as the kids!

There's no standing on the sidelines taking pictures and waving for this dad. 
If adults are allowed on the ride, he's on it!

My beautiful and amazing parents

See if you can spot the person who looks like they are having the most fun in the picture above.
Just saying', People...

And this is what happens to grandkids after going 100 miles an hour with their grandparents all week.

Such an amazing week. It always ends too soon. CC & Pops, thanks for making all the effort to come. 
Making memories...

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Renee said...

Great pictures!! You're parents looked like they had so much fun! Tell them we said hey!!!