Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I had such a wonderful day yesterday thanks to some amazing friends. 

My friends, Debbie & Mike, wanted to do something to bless me and help me while Andy is out of town. So they dubbed yesterday "Stacie Day" and spoiled me rotten! When I arrived at their home yesterday morning, Mike was just getting home from Starbucks with a Grande Chai Latte for me! Then he took the boys to the playground for an hour and a half (I'm telling you, he's borderline a saint) while Debbie took me to get a pedicure. What in the world could be better than sipping your favorite drink while talking to one of your favorite people all the while getting a foot massage?!?!?

After our pedicures, we went back to their house to grill out. And, I tell you what, I put down some food! I ate a burger with gorgonzola cheese mixed into the patty (yum!), a hot dog, watermelon, corn of the cob, and a root beer float popsicle. Talk about an All-American meal to celebrate Memorial Day! While Caedmon soaked his feet in the pool and Sammy chowed down on his lunch, we lounged in their beautiful backyard which is bursting with flowers and plants of every variety.

We had planned on going swimming after lunch, but Caedmon bust his forehead open on Saturday and had to get 2 stitches so swimming was out. Plan B. Debbie got silly string and water balloons and we had an all out war in their front yard. The boys were in heaven!

My heart was so full when we left their home yesterday afternoon. Thank you, Mike & Debbie!

THEN, we headed straight over to Mandy & Filipe's house where we partied with some more friends.

This is Ella, Kendall & David's daughter. I tell everyone that she is my niece and 
grab her out of their arms every time I see her. Such a precious girl! 

 Oh, I wish you could have seen this scene! Juliane brought a bubble machine and some children's music and the kids went crazy! They were having SO MUCH fun chasing the bubbles and dancing and laughing their little heads off. I marked that down in my heart as a sight I never want to forget. 

What a day! My cup runneth over...

When Andy & I followed God's call to start a church in California, the most difficult part for me (by far!) was moving so far away from all of our family. The thought of holidays and special occasions without them felt like an empty void in my heart. I deeply desired the closeness and support of having family near. 

I'll be honest, sometimes my heart still aches that they're not here or we're not there, but God has blessed us beyond what we could have imagined with the community we have here. He said, "Stacie, I've got you covered. I will meet your every need...even down to having people dote on your children and plan fun things for them like silly string wars and water balloon fights and backyard dance parties with a bubble machine."

Standing over the kitchen sink this morning I found myself singing, "All I hath needed, Thy hand hath provided. Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me." 

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