Monday, August 12, 2013

2013 Tour de Family

We got home from our 2013 Tour de Family over a month ago, but I thought a few fun summer pictures are always in order. I took about 600 pictures and have narrowed it down to 15. This will hit a few of the highlights!

Both Caedmon & Sammy had a blast getting buried in the sand on the shore of 
Lake Michigan by their Uncle Josh (Andy's brother). 

Jamie, Caedmon, me, Nanny, Marcy (Andy's mom), Sammy, Andy, & Josh
Caedmon can hardly contain his excitement! 

Andy, Josh, Marcy, Nanny, & Jamie
relaxing in the shade while the boys play at the playground 

Caedmon, Dalton (Andy's brother), and Sammy 

Ice cream from "The Yum Yum Tree" on a summer night
Sammy, Olivia, Danielle (Andy's sister), Denise (Andy's stepmom), Andy 

A scavenger hunt for the grandkids from their Mimi.
The disguise glasses were a crucial part of the experience! 

Andy's dad, "Papa", helps guide the scavenger hunt 

Andy's grandfather 

My mom & dad (CC & Pops) with their 8 grandkids
3 more grandkids are on the way! 

The Cloud Family altogether at the beach 

These kinds of stunts are only pulled AFTER all the kids go to bed! 

It rained A LOT while we were in South Carolina and, with 7 boys 
ages 7 & under, we had to get creative. GI Joes were a favorite. 

Wrestling matches with Andy were another big hit! 

We attempted a trip to the zoo. This picture was taken during the 15 minutes 
that we were there BEFORE it started raining again. Boo! 

And, what's the 4th of July without a water balloon fight with your dad & grandpa?!

These trips are about making memories that we will all cherish forever. It is worth the effort to invest in these precious relationships. Our boys are smothered in love, special outings, and lots of ice cream each time we head East. They LOVE it!

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