Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Homeschooling: Round 2

We officially launched into our second year of homeschool yesterday and we just happen to be at Lake Tahoe for the week. Not a bad setting to kick off the first week of school! Our hotel room has a dining table that is perfect for school work in the morning, while the hiking trails, playgrounds, beaches, and pools provide lots of options for “PE” and afternoon fun! I know, I know, we’re ridiculously spoiled.

And, I’m a little tired.

The lazy, laid-back days of summer made me forget how mentally and emotionally engaged you have to be (all. day. long.) when homeschooling. I gotta build up my stamina again. Last night Andy mentioned something about wanting to read a book after the boys went to sleep. I just looked at him cross-eyed and opted for a mindless movie instead. 

I never did a year-end review of homeschool last year...partly because we fizzled out without much of a sense of completion. It was rather anti-climatic. Let’s just say, I’m glad that we had Kindergarten and Pre-K 3 as a “trial run” of sorts as I am quite certain I would not be in the runnings for any Teacher of the Year award. I could never shake the feeling that every day when we actually completed our school work (which was typically about 3 times a week) I deserved some sort of certificate of achievement. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to lose that feeling once you’ve truly embraced your role as a homeschool mom.

In all honesty, last year was a bit of train-wreck for me personally. I came out of the gate really strong with all kinds of creativity and motivation. Then November rolled around. All of my energy from November through April was spent keeping afloat in a sea of grief. April and May gave way to morning sickness that left me on the couch asking my 6 year old if he could please make a PB&J for himself and his brother for lunch. Not the most awesome version of me. 

When another wave of guilt would hit me, I reminded myself, “It’s just kindergarten. He knows how to add and how to read on a first grade level. He’s gonna be okay.” 

And he is. We’re off and running with TWO whole days behind us! “Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride. Ain’t nothing gonna hold me down. Oh, no.” (Until we hit NOVEMBER...as a new family member will be joining us and I haven’t quite figured that one out yet.) But, hey, TWO whole days is worth celebrating! Ice cream, anyone? 

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Stacie,

I can't believe how big the boys have gotten! Love the pics. I know ya'll are excited and making plans for baby Karis Joy. What a blessing! The Lord will give you strength to homeschool after her arrival. Enjoy the day, Lisa