Friday, August 16, 2013

And her name will be...

Names have always held a lot of significance for Andy & me. When we discovered that our firstborn would be a boy, we immediately began thinking through all sorts of name options. It’s a daunting task-- selecting a name. You feel the weight of labeling another human being for the rest of their lives. Plus, you don’t want your kid to be the one all the other kids make fun of at school because their name rhymes with something horrible! Talk about pressure!

As we prayed for our unborn son, we prayed that God would use him mightily in His Kingdom. We wanted a name that reflected that prayer, so we decided on the name Caedmon (wise warrior) Elliott (near to God). A wise warrior who is near to God is a powerful weapon in the hands of the King!

After over 3 years of infertility, God blessed our home with a beautiful little boy for whom we had prayed a thousand prayers. I deeply resonated with Hannah, in the Bible, who wept and prayed that God would bless her with a child. I also, like Hannah, was committed to dedicate this child wholeheartedly to the Lord. That is why “Samuel” felt like the perfect name for him. After all, Samuel’s mom and I had a lot in common.

Little did we know at the time how deeply significant the meaning of his name would be. Our Samuel (meaning ‘God has heard my prayer’) was given the birth name “Wondimu”, which we kept as his middle name. We thought it was ironic, however, that Wondimu means “brother” and at the time of his birth, Sammy was an only child. How divinely beautiful is it that Samuel Wondimu’s name means, “God has heard my prayer for a brother”! God hears the longings of an orphan’s heart long before he is able to express them.

The journey to the birth of our 3rd child has taken us on dark, winding roads that often left us feeling lost and confused. We knew God had a plan for us, that He loves us completely, and that He is perfectly in control. But the aching in our soul was deep. After  6 years of infertility and losing a baby last November, Andy & I know full-well what a gift a child is. Life is so precious and never to be taken for granted. This baby girl that I now carry is a gift of grace from a merciful God. 

That is why we have selected the name Karis (meaning ‘grace’) Joy for our daughter. God’s grace to us has brought us joy. Indescribably joy. Joy with such anticipation that the sight of her name can bring tears to my eyes. 

She is our gift. Our long awaited gift of joy. 

My sister monogrammed all these beautiful things for Karis!

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Beautiful name, beautiful posting.