Friday, August 23, 2013

Lake Tahoe

Today is the day. After a glorious week at Lake Tahoe, we will be heading home to San Jose. My amazing husband took the boys on an ultimate Boys' Club adventure this morning and left me at Starbucks to read, relax, and blog. Great way to end a great week!

This was a work trip for Andy, and we just got to tag along. Plus we got the added benefit of seeing Andy at lunch and in the evenings for family fun! The boys and I used our mornings for school. I use two different age-appropriate curriculums for the boys, but some fun activities they do together. Tracing letters on a paint bag was a big hit.

It has been all ABC practice for Sammy this week. Who knew there were SO many different games and ways to reinforce letter sounds and letter recognition?! Thank you for all of the ideas!
The boys raced to find the letter I called out.

After we wrapped up our schoolwork, Andy took a lunch break with us each day. We picniced by the pool and swam for a bit. I love how Sammy wears these googles.

Check out how his ears are smashed forward. Funny kid.

 Caedmon's awesome version of a dive. Makes me laugh every time.

And his specialty, the backwards cannon ball.

On afternoons that it wasn't raining, we would head over to the playground. I think a summer uniform for boys should be swim trunks, flip flops/crocs, and optional t-shirts.

Caedmon has never met a stranger and jumped right in this family's baseball game!

I just can't get enough of these smiles...

All this activity required some refueling and nothing's better for that than a little ice cream...

...and a quick nap wherever you can catch one.

For a special treat our last night, we let the boys do this bungee jumping trampoline. They had been eyeing it all week so Andy & I shamelessly used it as bribery, I mean, an incentive for good behavior throughout the week!

His expression is bursting with excitement!

He figured out how to do a flip!

After we did homeschool all morning and activities all afternoon, we would meet up with Andy for dinner and some family fun. He even gave me some alone time to refuel on three different occasions this week. It has been lovely!

Andy had the idea to take the boys on a hike this morning before heading home. He's been sending me pictures all morning and my heart is just overflowing with gratitude. I feel so, so blessed that we've gotten to spend this week here, that our family is making such wonderful memories together, that my boys have a father who is fun & creative & invests so much in them. Those two little guys have NO IDEA how blessed they are to have a dad like Andy Wood, but I know full-well and I am so smitten with him. He is always surprising me with just how awesome he is.
I am headed home to San Jose with my heart refreshed and my mind filled with snapshots of great memories. 

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