Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Caedmon's Understanding of Easter

This morning Caedmon and I were out running some errands and from the backseat of our car he begins reminiscing of Easter. I thought you may find it amusing to see how a two year old sees Easter.

Comments from Caedmon (2 1/2 years old):

  • "Hey Mom, you remember when Jesus was on the cross and he was naked silly?" (okay, a little explanation here is needed...first of all, he must have seen a picture of Jesus on the cross with just a loin cloth because I never emphasized the fact that He was likely hung naked. Second, whenever Caedmon gets out of the bathtub we tell him that HE is naked silly, which he loves and he runs around the house and dances while I chase him with his pajamas. He doesn't grasp the concept that it sounds irreverent to refer to Jesus as naked silly.)

  • "Soldiers are bad guys. Jesus hit the soldiers." (Me: "The soldiers were the bad guys, but Jesus didn't hit them.")

  • My favorite: "Hey Mom, you remember when Jesus died on the cross and then He came back and nobody fight Him anymore?"

Yeah, I remember that one, Caedmon! And that's a pretty great understanding of Easter if you ask me! He died, He came back, and He is victorious!

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Cristine said...

How cute! I can't wait to meet him!