Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Children's Museum

I love San Jose's Children's Discovery Museum! We recently purchased a membership so we can take Caedmon any time without additional cost. Because of this, we go all the time! We normally only stay for an hour and a half or so in the morning because I don't want to mess up his nap time (I treasure naptime!). But we always have a great time. I don't think he could ever get bored with it because there are so many different things to do. And it's something fun and active to do on a rainy or chilly day. Below are a few pics of Caedmon having a blast exploring and just being a kid!

Sand table with my mom

Fireman Caedmon

This is an actual firetruck that the kids can play on.
They also have an ambulance, old carriage, and an old Model T.

Caedmon's Favorite: Water Play!

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