Monday, April 20, 2009


Today Caedmon and I went to the pool for the first time this year. In a word...phenomenal. I would like that to be how I spend every morning for the rest of the spring/summer! (Not going to happen, but we can wish!) Caedmon was so entertained just playing with a few toys on the steps and occasionally "swimming" around the pool with me. The pool at our apartments is heated so the water is perfectly comfortable and there is not a cloud in our bright blue sky today. Couldn't have asked for a better morning!

One thing that added to the enjoyment was having my friend, Amanda, and her two kiddos there. I have found that motherhood can be so isolating. It is easy to get into my own routines with my own family and never interact with others except for the rushed conversations at church on Sundays. So recently I have made it a point to invite others to go with me where ever I'm going. I try to limit my "errand-running" to one or two mornings a week so that Caedmon and I can do something fun together on the other days. So whether we are going to the playground, the museum, the library, or the pool, I try to invite a friend. Today, I actually invited 6 friends and only one was able to make it, so you gotta be persistent. If it ends up being just me and Caedmon, we still have a great time doing something fun. But if we get to enjoy the company of friends, then Caedmon gets to have some playmates and I get to have an adult conversation (albeit punctuated by frequent interruptions).

Sometimes I would honestly rather just be by myself. Like this morning, I got some bad news and I would have been content moping around alone. But being with Amanda and playing with all of our kids lifted my spirits. Often when we find ourselves wanting to isolate, that is the time we are most in need of reaching out! So treat yourself to something fun...and invite someone to enjoy it with you!

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Amanda said...

We had a blast at the pool with you and Caedmon! I had no idea you had received some bad news. Glad we could divert you from a "possible" funk! Looking forward to many more warm days & many more special outings with you and your family!