Monday, April 27, 2009


Yesterday Andy continued week 3 of our current message series, "My Upside Down Life". He talked about getting our finances grounded and living lives of contentment and generosity instead of greed.

The part of his sermon that spoke to me the most was when he said if I live with greed, I will destroy my life. He elaborated more on that idea by saying when there is greed in our hearts we don't receive the blessings God gives us. The blessings just deflect right off of us. God gives us a home and food and family and...but we can never truly enjoy them or be thankful for them because we are always wanting more.

Conversely, when we have contentment we realize afresh each day the blessings God has given us and we get to enjoy them over and over again. I can wake up and think, "Wow, I get to be married to Andy Wood! I get to be Caedmon's mom! I get to live in beautiful, sunny California!" There are so many things in my life that I can be thankful for if I learn to live with contentment.

A discipline that I have done on and off is keeping a journal of things I am thankful for. Each morning I will write down 1-3 things for which I am thankful. This exercise is most helpful for me when I'm feeling a lack of contentment or frustration with someone or something in my life. God has given me so many blessings and I will enjoy them all the more if I remember to say "THANK YOU!"

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*Child*of*Christ* said...

Hey Stacie! Not sure if you remember me or not.. it's been awhile! I used to go to breakthrough (with Rafa Moura)..anyway... just watned to say thanks for sharing your life through blogging.. i enjoy your words of wisdom:).. I have a blog but not the best at keeping up with it .. and when i do.. it's typically a " catch me up".. I have also learned how vital it is to " count my blessings".. thanks so much for sharing:)