Sunday, April 26, 2009

Disney Land

We had the awesome experience of taking Caedmon to Disney Land for the first time last Wednesday! I wish you could have seen the excitement and anticipation in his eyes as we experienced our time there. He had a blast! It made it even more fun that the Santos family was with us. We were all down in LA for a conference and decided to go a day early to have an extra special family day! Enjoy the pictures!
Jungle Cruise...Andy looks a little more confident than Caedmon!

Making music at Tarzan's treehouse

Climbing on Winnie the Pooh's honey pots

So silly

Mommy & Caedmon on the Winnie the Pooh train

Waiting in line for the Dumbo ride
(a favorite of both Lily & Caedmon)

The Carousel
(Lily wasn't too sure about getting on that big horse!)

Caedmon and Lily taking a breather on Mickey's couch

YEA! The one we couldn't wait to see!

We waited for nearly 2 HOURS to see these princesses,
so please enjoy every picture!!

The one and only, Cinderella

Sleeping Beauty

Snow White


On our way to "It's a Small World"

This picture is posted purely for the enjoyment of my brother!
This was Caedmon's first experience peeing in the woods on the long road trip back to San Jose. I was about to take him, but Andy stopped me and insisted that this was a monumental moment and Caedmon needed to experience this with his dad. Caedmon's been asking to pee outside ever since!

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