Friday, May 1, 2009

A Quiet Day in the Wood Household

Fridays are always "Family Day". It's Andy's day off and, can I just say that I am SOOOOO thankful to have a husband that spends his day off with his family instead of pursuing countless hobbies. Come on, men! Get your priorities right! But anyway, that is not the point of this post. Just bonus, I guess!

Normally on Family Day we get up and out. Andy is not easily entertained just sitting around the house, so we like to plan something fun to do as a family. The playground, children's museum, and trips to the city seem to be the most popular lately. But it is a rainy day here in San Jose and I didn't want to take Caedmon to the Children's Museum where he and hundreds of other children put their mouths on things since the swine flu rage. So we planned on just staying around the house.

Well, poor Caedo woke up this morning throwing up. Talk about break your heart! Have you ever seen a two year old dry-heave while sobbing? It's awful. He kept trying to turn towards me so I would hold him and I kept trying to comfort him from behind so I didn't end up with vomit (really just bile) all over me!

He threw up twice, but thankfully, since then has seemed like he's back to his ol' self! Andy and I took turns going to the gym/playing with Caedmon this morning. Caedmon is now down for his afternoon nap and I'm about to spend some time with two of my best friends: Jesus and Beth Moore. Good times!

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