Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Days

A lot of times when Caedmon wakes up in the morning, he'll say to me, "It's a happy day. I feel okay." Well, today was indeed a happy day!

My friend, Amanda, invited Mandy & me to join her and her kiddos at the park today for a play date and picnic. This park has a water play area, a sand area, and regular playground equipment. AND, it's all free! We had such a fun morning!

Pretty Lily

Most parents put sunscreen on their kids; some parents opt for a sun shield. Check out the poor kid behind Caedmon. Her parents are setting her up to be "that kid". In the words of Mandy, "Poor kid. She looks like an alien!"

Notice Caedmon's arched back. The water was FREEZING and it wasn't that hot out today. When we noticed that all of the kids were shivering, we headed to the playground.
I love this shoot of Cailyn. Such a sweet face.

Andy's out of town for the week and took with him Rebekah and Jennifer's husbands. So the girls decided to "hit the town" tonight and get some yummy Thai food! Caedmon was the honorary guest for Girls' Night Out.

Don't you just love how Caedmon has a mouth full of food?!

I told Caedmon that we were going on a "date" tonight! Whenever Andy and I go out on a date Caedmon says to me, "No, Mommy. Don't go out on a date with Daddy. Go out on a date with me!" Two years old and head-over-heels in love with his mommy. Gotta love that kid!


Andy Wood said...

I love it!!

Mary said...

6th picture down, Zerrin has the green and blue swim suit as the little boy behind cado. Zerrin is super white i have to put him in the full swim shirt, shorts, and shoe... at least for this summer. We will think about sun exposure next year. Your hair is getting so long and you look lovely.