Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good News & A Prayer Request

Our adoption agency announced yesterday SEVEN new referrals! (A referral is when they match a child with a family.) This is great news because there had been NO referrals in two months. The court system got rather bogged down through February and March and it seemed that hardly any families were passing court for a while. It was taking multiple attempts (3, 4, even 5 tries) to get through court. The reasons for not passing court vary greatly, but it is often something as simple as one government agency not getting their paperwork to the court on time. However, as of late, there have been many families who have passed court and are traveling to get their kiddos!

It looks like things are starting to move again and I'm hoping that our referral isn't too far away. Referrals are rather random and difficult to predict, but I can't help but hope! We are currently #3 on the unofficial waiting list for toddler boys. (We were #2 but a mystery family checked in and their DTE is before ours.)

So that's the good on to the prayer request.

We received an email today from our adoption agency that all families who have their court appointment before May 9th do not have to be physically present in court. All families who have their court appointment after May 9th must appear in person (i.e. travel to Ethiopia). If we get in before May 9th, we will only need to travel to Ethiopia one time. This would be my preference. There is still a possibility that we could get in by then but we would need to get our referral really soon.

All of this is completely out of our hands, but we know it is not out of God's. He is in control and He knows what is best. Please pray with us that God's will will be done specifically for our family, and that He would give both Andy and me and peace in our heart about it.

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