Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. So in honor of that, I thought I would tell you 10 pieces of trivia about him:

  1. He was born in Kentucky but raised in Florida where he fell in love when sunshine, water sports, and a summer uniform of flip flops and swim trunks (t-shirt optional).
  2. He's always dreamed of owning a boat. That dream finally came true when I was in college.
  3. My dad & I share a passion for horses. He had one growing up and gave me one when I was in sixth grade. We have many great memories surrounding horses.
  4. My dad has more hobbies than anyone I know (water sports, snow skiing, bike riding, and motorcycles are the front runners right now). Somehow he is able to do these things while living within a limited budget and without neglecting his family. He has the amazing ability to incorporate him family into his hobbies instead of neglecting his family to pursue his hobbies.
  5. As a child, I always knew I had full access to my dad. I could walk in his office at any time unannounced, even if he was meeting with someone. I rarely did this, but it meant the world to me to know that I could.
  6. Until recent years, my dad was a hopeless case in the kitchen. I remember him catching toast on fire as a child. His growth in this area in latter years shows that you can, indeed, teach an old dog new tricks!
  7. One of my most meaningful childhood memories is coming downstairs every morning and seeing my dad in his chair with his Bible and journal. I knew that he had been meeting with Jesus and speaking with Him on my behalf. He was undoubtedly the spiritual leader of our family.
  8. I only remember camping with my dad on two occasions and one of those times was a COMPLETE disaster. We have a lot of funny stories, though.
  9. On family vacations, my dad will wake up 2 hours before the rest of us, completely exhaust my brother, brother-in-law, and husband with the amount of recreation he desires, and then still be looking for a new playmate. He has more energy at 63 than most men do at 23!
  10. My dad has pursued Christ and sought to build up the body of Christ every single day of my life. It is the most all-consuming passion of his life. He has built a legacy for our family that very few families can claim. My dad is one of the primary reasons why I love Christ and His Church like I do. So much of who I am is a direct result of my father's influence. I am exceedingly grateful to be his child.
Happy Birthday, Daddy. I love you!

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