Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet Jhosua...

In honor of Compassion Sunday at South Bay Church, I thought I'd share with you some easy and practical ways you could get involved in making a difference in the world around you. So often we hear heartbreaking stories and statistics and we want to help, but don't know where to start and feel paralyzed by the reality that we are limited in our resources and ability to help. What can I really do to make a dent in the fight against poverty? Well, let me introduce you to Jhosua:

Jhosua is our child that we sponsor through Compassion International. He just turned 7 and he lives in Indonesia with his mother and two siblings. Jhosua has been apart of our family for about a year now. Caedmon and I love to write him letters and send him pictures, stickers, and anything else we can fit in an envelope!

Because of the money that we contribute each month, Jhosua gets to go to school, receive medical attention and hygiene training, and have consistent nutritional food. Compassion provides all of these opportunities through partnerships with local churches. Therefore, Jhosua is also being taught about the love of Jesus and the hope of the gospel!

I may not be able to feed every hungry mouth in the world. But I can feed one. And to him, it makes all the difference.

We plan on sponsoring an additional child each time one of our children turns 4. Caedmon will be 4 in September, so one of his birthday presents will be a Compassion child sponsored in his name. He will get to have a friend and pen-pal in another country to grow up with.

Please consider sponsoring a child through Compassion International. For $38 a month, you can give a child the chance to rise above poverty and reach their potential. Click here to go to Compassion's website and join the team today!

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