Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Confessions of a neat freak...

Confession: I do not like messes. I don't like playdough or painting or chocolate pudding or bathtimes that include excessive amounts of splashing. I'm pretty sure that puts me out of the running for "Mom of the Year" award.

As much as I have tried to just get over it and let it go, messes do not say "A Good Time" to me. They say scream "A Lot of Clean-Up". Perhaps if I was not the one doing all of the clean up, I could really get into jumping in puddles, smearing peanut butter all over my face, and shaking my sippy cup full of milk all over the carpet. But, as we have it, a wonderful mess is not a wonderful time. At least for me.

However, I do have my moments when I push past my phobia of messes and bust out the paint or playdough. In those rare moments, I have to snap a few photos lest my children believe I completely deprived them of all fun in life. In the Wood household, we have come to an agreement that these are outside activities...good thing we live somewhere that we can go outside most of the year!

So, for your viewing pleasure (and to remind my boys that they did [occasionally] get to paint)...

15 minutes to set it all up.
20 minutes to clean it all up.
But, man, they sure did have a blast for the 14.5 minutes that they painted.

I know. I know. I've got issues! :-)


meg83 said...

Your not alone!!! There is no playdough in our house, paint is only used when George is willing to take on that task and we have even eliminated markers from our house because they can't be used correctly. So no mommy of the year here either.

Anonymous said...

I am SO right there with you on the "neat freak" status. My OCD is completely out of hand - I don't know what I'm going to do when I have a child. I secretly hope I pass on the OCD gene, though. LOL =) I am ALWAYS cleaning - there's always SOMETHING that can be wiped down or organized. When there's a mess (and a "mess" to me isn't a real mess to most) I feel like my world has turned upside.