Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Melt my heart, why don't ya?

I found out yesterday that Caedmon's preschool has a field trip on Thursday. Not sure if this was a last minute trip or if I just somehow missed the memo, but I had already made plans for myself and wasn't going to be able to go. I haven't missed a field trip all year, so I was a little bummed to miss out but honestly didn't think much of it.

Then, this morning Caedmon said to me, "Mom, are you going to take me to my field trip on Thursday?"
Me: "I'm sorry, buddy. I have a meeting so I won't be able to come."
C: "But, Maaaa-om, who will take me? Somebody else's mommy will have to drive me!"

.........long pause.........

Me: "Okay, bud. I'll reschedule my plans!"

He is soooo worth it! I can still to this day remember my mom doing something like this for me on multiple occasions. It made a big impression on me about her priorities. I never want my kids to doubt where my priorities lie. 

And thank you, Diana, for being so understanding. We'll reschedule soon!

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Tyler, Ethan, and Mari said...

Stacie, the exact same thing happened to me last year with Tyler. Good call to reschedule. Looking forward to our playdate next week! If another last minute field trip comes up, we can reschedule again ;-)