Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feeding a Family

Does anyone else out there get stressed out by the whole process of meal planning for the week, making a grocery list for those meals, grocery shopping (with the Littles in tow), unloading those groceries with the before mentioned Littles, and then cooking all of the meals?

Does anyone else out there ever feel stuck in a rut with the same group of recipes that you just rotate through every few weeks?

Does anyone else out there feel like you are thinking of food all day long...not necessarily because you want to eat it, but simply because you're never far away from needing to prepare the next meal of the day for a bunch of hungry mouths. And then it dawns on you, no wonder so many women struggle with their weight! Our whole lives revolve around food! (or at least that's how it feels at times)

Well, I have definitely experienced all of that. And I am quite pleased with my new find that is relieving a bit of the pressure. My new find may be old news to you, but nevertheless, I'm pretty excited about it!

What is it? E-Mealz!

This awesome site provides a new 7-day meal plan for every week. AND they make the grocery list for you! Here are a few other factors that totally sold me:
  • They have regular, low-fat, and vegetarian meal plans.
  • Dave Ramsey recommends it (which is awesome for those of us who feel like we are eating our paychecks).
  • You can select the size family that you are cooking for.
  • All this for $5 a month. 
I am not getting paid to endorse this product, although that would be really cool. I just wanted to share the love of a good find.

Leave a comment to let me know if you already use E-Mealz, if you're going to give it a try, or if you have some other ideas that help with meal planning.

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Mary Lu said...

Can't live with out it! Huge time saver. Amazingly the age old question of, "whats for dinner?" no longer roams the halls of my mind.