Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy July 4th (on the 5th)

I didn't make it around to blogging yesterday, but we did have a lot of fun! South Bay served at Santa Clara's annual 4th of July festival from 8-5. We had a mission team from Georgia here to help us and our tables were busy all day long! We offered crafts for kids as well as various prizes and give-a-ways. I believe every single child at that park was toting around a "South Bay Church" helium balloon by the end of the day!

The boys and I made it out for a little while. I'm honestly no help at all for events like this. I always want to volunteer and serve in some really valiant capacity, but then I remember that keeping up with the Littles in the midst of thousands of people is about the only volunteer position I can handle. And, thus, Andy's serves on behalf of the whole Wood clan. However, I still like to go to see the volunteers, enjoy the festive spirit, and take a few pics.

We had Uncle Sam painted on both boys faces, and then affectionately 
referred to Sammy as "Uncle Sam" the rest of the day!

Later that afternoon, the Pilgreen's and Santos joined us for a pool party and cookout. It was so much fun to connect with these two like-hearted couples. An added bonus was having Kennedy with us. Kennedy is living with us for a few weeks this summer and is serving as a summer intern for South Bay. She is UH-MAZE-ING with kids and totally entertained them the whole night. I'm trying to convince her parents to let her move in with us permanently! But I don't think they're buying it. :-) 

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