Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Parks, Picnics, & Playdates

It has been all parks, picnics, and playdates for the Littles and me this week. We have eaten our lunch outside 4 out of the last 4 days! I love picnics, not only for the fun and beauty of eating outside, but also because when I get home for naptime I don't have to think about making lunches. Whew! That part is already taken care of.

Our playdates this week have all been special ones because they are people we don't get to see very often: friends from Texas who were vacationing in SF, a church planter's wife, and another adoptive family. Caedmon, especially, has enjoyed the variety of playmates and trying out some new playgrounds in the area.

Here's a peek at our trip to Happy Hollow with the Jokisch family visiting from Texas...

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