Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Compassion Sunday

Compassion Sunday may very well be my favorite Sunday of the year. Well, maybe 2nd in line after Easter. It is when we see the body of Christ in action. When we can become the hands and feet of Jesus. When we take our eyes off our own needs and choose to look beyond ourselves into the rest of the world. It's when we remind ourselves that there is a great big world out there...much of whom lives in poverty. We take time to remember, as Andy said in his sermon, that Jesus is not American. He does not have blonde hair and blue eyes, He's not a republican, and He does not live in the good ol' U.S. of A. He is a global God.

This video was made from the footage of Andy & Filipe's trip to Ethiopia to begin a partnership with a Nazeret Emmanuel United Church through Compassion International. WARNING: If you are at all like me, this video will inevitably bring tears to your eyes and may leave with with a strong urge to get over there as quickly as possible.

South Bay had info packets for 67 kids from Nazeret available for sponsorship on Sunday. All 67 kids now have a sponsor and we have a waiting list of 15 more families that would like to sponsor as soon as more come available. I love our people!

YOU can sponsor a child too! $38 per month provides spiritual, educational, nutritional, and medical development and assistance for these beautiful children. Simply click here and follow the instructions for how to sponsor a child. YOU could be a part of freeing a child from the bondage of poverty!

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