Monday, June 13, 2011

Special Prayer Need

I sent out this email to South Bay's prayer partners today and wanted to include you in the loop. Would you help "pray Andy home"?

Dear Prayer Partners,

As most of you know, Andy has been in Ethiopia this past week with our executive pastor, Filipe developing South Bay's first international partnership through Compassion International. It has been an extraordinary week and we look forward to sharing with you pictures and details in our next newsletter. But we have a more immediate prayer need right now...

They were supposed to be leaving Ethiopia today and arriving home tomorrow, but they are currently stuck in Ethiopia due to volcanic activity in Europe. Did you realize that there are currently 3 volcanoes erupting in the world? I sure didn't (and it doesn't seem any US news station does either). Nevertheless, they are grounded for now and hoping to get out in the next day or two.

Obviously they are very anxious to get home and we are very anxious to get them home. So, will you pray with us?

Please pray:
     * for the air to clear in order for flights to be safe again
     * for stamina for me with the boys and Filipe's wife, Mandy, with their 3 kiddos
     * for God to be glorified through their extra time in Ethiopia

Thank you so much! I thought about titling this email "Urgent Prayer Need", but I realize that it probably would only seem urgent to me and a couple little guys who are missing their daddy. Regardless, we would truly appreciate your prayers right now.

Surely God is my help. He is the one that sustains me.
Psalm 54:4

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