Friday, June 3, 2011

A few more graduation pics...

 Our friend, David Andrews, has his two boys & our two boys on his lap!
His son, Aiden, is one of Caedmon's best buds. 

 These are the South Bay Church kiddos:
Caedmon, Aiden, & Lily
It was so much fun for them to get to be in the same class this year!

Andy was heartsick that he couldn't be there. He scheduled the monthly coaching network that he leads for that day long before we knew the date for Caedmon's graduation. If it had been ANY other meeting, he would have rescheduled it. But several people fly in from out of town to attend it, so he couldn't reschedule. 

I took Caedmon by to see him after the ceremony where Andy had a balloon and present waiting on him! All the guys in the coaching network sang "Happy Graduation" to him. Andy put him in the middle of the room and read a verse from Scripture to him and then shared with him a brief "charge" / blessing. It was really special. Then everyone gathered around him and prayed for God's blessing on his life. That was the only part of the day that made me get choked up...watching these 12 men of God praying over my son, knowing all the while that God is raising that boy to be a Champion for His was a powerful moment. 

The slightly funny part to this story is that Caedmon will get to do this all over again next year! His birthday is mid-September, so officially he could have gone on the kindergarten in the Fall. But we've opted to give him one more year of preschool and let him be the oldest in his class instead of the youngest. Another year of maturity can't hurt, right (especially for boys)?! So, Andy will get to be apart of Caedmon's preschool graduation after all!


Andy Wood said...

is it just me or does he not seem the least bit uncomfortable being the center of attention! :-)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the pics! Caedmon is precious! God bless you all, Lisa