Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The boys and I have done really well since Andy has been gone. Any one who has taken care of kids by themselves for an extended period of time when you're used to having a little back-up knows that it can go either way. It could be fun and adventurous as we do some special things out of our everyday norms. It could be intimate and bonding as we get to spend more focused time together. OR, it could be a total nightmare if the Littles decide to try to stage a coup.

Caedmon is my wild card and I never really know from day to day what kind of mood he'll wake up it. When he is sweet, he is oh so sweet and I could kiss him until my lips are chapped. But when he is a grump, it is not a pretty sight.

God has been amazingly gracious to us and Caedmon has been so precious during this time. I have really ENJOYED my time with both of the boys and I receive that as a gift from God.

Sunday morning, however, the wheels came off for a period. I will spare you all the details, but Caedmon just woke up in a funk and was committed to pulling all of us into it with him. On the way to church after quite a dramatic morning, I felt that I should pray over Caedmon. So while driving down the road, I extended one hand back toward him and began to pray for him out loud. I almost couldn't contain my laughter as I prayed because the whole time he was screaming in an out-of-control voice, "IT'S NOT WORKING! IT'S NOT WORKING!"-- veins poking out of his neck and all!

Don't you feel like that as a parent so often? You are giving it your very best effort. You are begging God for wisdom and strength and creativity. But all your efforts seem to fall flat and don't bring the change you desire in your kids. Your kids might not be quite as forthright as Caedmon, but their actions are screaming at you, "IT'S NOT WORKING!"

If that's where you are today, let me exhort you to press on because, indeed, it IS working. Although Caedmon may resist my prayers and efforts at times, I know in my heart (and have to remind myself constantly) that those seeds are taking root in his heart. One day it will produce a harvest of righteousness and peace in him. And the same is true for your child.

Just to finish the story, once we got to church (I literally had to drag him out of the van), our amazing Bay Kids team took over and Caedmon has been fine every since.

Click here to read an update from Andy regarding his travel status.

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