Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Graduation!

Dear Mrs. Casas & Mrs. Dunn, 

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate Milpitas Christian Preschool and what a blessing it has been to our family this year. As we considered educational options for Caedmon, a loving, nurturing environment was a top priority for us for the preschool years. Sitting in your classroom at various times throughout the year has confirmed to me that that is precisely the type environment you’ve created.

Having taught kindergarten for a couple of years and now having two little ones of my own, I understand how exhausting and even frustrating at times it can be to work with children all day. I admire and respect the way that you love each child and maintain so much patience with them. I’m sure there are probably times that they “make you crazy” on the inside, but your responses to them exude kindness and tenderness. Thank you for that.

Sending your child to school for the first time is a strange feeling. I so desperately want everyone in the world to know how special Caedmon is, how much he is loved, how God has amazing plans for his life. I know first hand and full-well what a stinker he can be at times, but that is not what I want others to judge him by. He is a treasure and for anyone to treat him as less than that would be crushing to me. Entrusting him into someone else’s care is unsettling because I don’t know if they will value him like we value him. I want you to know that I was so abundantly pleased by the loving environment that you created where he could be free to be himself and bloom into all that God created him to be.

I feel like you brought out the best in him this year! He loved school and looked forward to it every day. AND, he loves you. You have blessed his little life in ways that he can’t even understand right now. But I understand. And I am deeply thankful. 

Thank you for serving our children well!
                                                                                    Many Blessings!
                                                                                    Stacie Wood

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