Thursday, June 16, 2011

I think he was tired...

Caedmon is of the age now where he doesn't nap everyday. I'm a firm believer in holding on to a nap as long as possible. Caedmon went through a phase at about 2.5 years old when he tried to give up his nap, but I could tell he wasn't ready because he was a bear in the evenings and would fall asleep in his carseat if we ever went somewhere in the evenings. However, when he started staying up after 10 PM even when i put him in bed at 8 PM, I realized it was time to give up the nap.

I still have him take a nap once or twice a week. On Sundays, we all take a nap...a family policy. But most days, he just has some "quiet" playtime during Sammy's nap. The other day I noticed that he was a little too quiet, so I went back to check on him and this is what I found:

So stinkin' cute I just want to squeeze him!

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Anonymous said...

Ok Stacie, I just had to comment. I have a similar pic of my oldest daughter at Caedmon's age. She too gave up the naps earlier than I would have liked. Picture made me smile. What a sweetheart! Have a great day, Lisa