Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Re-Adoption Day!

Today was our Readoption Court Hearing for Sammy.

My dad (jokingly) asked, "Is that like renewing your wedding vows? Like, "Yeah, we'd adopt you all over again!"

I honestly don't understand the why behind readoption. It's not legally required nor does it make Sammy any more "our son" in the eyes of the government. Our adoption was full and final in Ethiopia. But from my understanding, readoption will make it easier for Sammy when he's old enough to get a job, Social Security stuff, etc... I don't really know. But, it's also the way that we legally changed his name and date of birth.

The judge gave Caedmon and Sammy both a stuffed animal. Caedmon chose a hermit crab and Sammy chose a teddy bear. I thought both of the choices were impeccable! 

They told us that we should receive his birth order (not a birth certificate since he wasn't born in the US) from Sacramento in SIX-TWELVE MONTHS! Seriously efficient, huh? That seems to be about the same time frame we'll be getting our adoption tax refund from the IRS.

We went to Starbucks afterwards to celebrate with a little treat and we all shared why we are glad that Sammy is apart of the Wood family.
  • Daddy's answer: "Because Sammy brings so much joy and life to our family. He's always joking around and laughing."
  • My answer: "I'm happy that Caedmon has a brother and also we have more love in our family. Whenever we add a new person to our family, we have another person to love so our hearts grow." 
  • Caedmon's answer, "I'm glad Sammy is apart of the Wood family because now we have 4 people instead of 3. And I like Sammy sleeping in my room because it helps me not be scared at night." 

I love my family!

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