Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gotcha Day Celebration

We celebrated our first "Gotcha Day" by dressing the boys up in traditional Ethiopian dress, going to dinner at Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant and then enjoying a little Yogurtland. Here are some pics of our family night together. (There's a lot of pictures, but I just couldn't help myself!)

Caedmon asked before we got to the restaurant if he could order whatever kids' meal he wanted. I said, "This isn't the kind of restaurant that has kids' meals." He replied, "Well, I will order Ethiopian mac & cheese if they have it!" Ummm, they didn't. :-)

I was shocked that Caedmon actually ate the food. I had applesauce and goldfish in my purse as a back up plan, but he ate a pretty good dinner. I think we had been building up the experience for so long that he didn't want to get left out. It also helped that you eat everything with bread (called injera). The bread is kind of sour and spongy, but he ate it up. Sammy, on the other hand! That kid was an eating machine! We had to finally stop him because he was gorging himself. We hadn't seen him eat like that since he got over all his food issues from his orphanage days. Wish you could have seen him! He was in heaven...spicy food and all!


Two brothers, ready to hop in their bunk bed and head to sleep.

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Ang said...

Stacie -
Thank you for all of these pictures! So lovely! Around the time of your gotcha day Matt and I were starting our own adoption process. Our Gotcha Day hasn't come yet but we are so encouraged by your story and Sammy and Cademon's smiling faces. :)
Angela Adams