Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Gotcha Day!

One year ago today,

they placed you in my arms forever.

No more waiting. No more goodbyes. You were my longing fulfilled.

I thought my heart might burst with joy!

We have been through so much together over this past year. We've been busy making memories of "us". We had some lost time to make up for, you know. 

You saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time while I held you in my arms. You went sledding with your Daddy in Michigan. You have ridden amusement park rides, built sand castles at Myrtle Beach, and played at countless playgrounds. You helped cut down our Christmas tree. You discovered that there are goodies inside of Easter eggs. And you have learned (I think) that dogs passing you on the sidewalk will not eat you.

We watched in agony as you retreated into a dark, lonely place while you grieved and adjusted to your new life in our family. We have rejoiced as your personality began to peek out again, testing the waters, and then finally bursting through to bless the world. 

You have learned a million things this year. English. That's a pretty big one. How to ride a tricycle. How to escape from a Pack-N-Play. But the most important thing you have learned is: we're not going anywhere. This is your home. You are safe here. With us. We are your family and families stick together. While your life may seem to have gotten off to a rocky start, God worked all that together to bring about His plan of having you in the Wood family. He has a special plan for YOUR life.

Samuel Wondimu Wood, you are exactly where you are supposed to be! Today, we remember and celebrate that you made our family more complete, more fun, more joyful, and more rich simply by being placed in my arms forever, this time last year.

I'm so thankful that we "Gotcha". We love you to pieces.

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