Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Your Turn

On Sunday morning, it was almost time for us to leave for church. The boys had eaten breakfast, brushed their teeth, and were fully dressed. I just needed a few minutes to brush my teeth and finish getting myself ready, so I put Caedmon on the couch with some books and Sammy on a blanket with some books. Simple enough, right?

Well, as I brushed my teeth I had to dissolve two escalating fights within two minutes. I thought, "This is ridiculous!" So I put Caedmon in a chair for time-out, and snapped Sammy in his booster seat for time-out on the opposite side of the room. Both boys were screaming.

I went back to getting ready and thought to myself, "Oh, cry me a river!"

The screaming continued and began to seem almost rhythmic. Caedmon's screaming finally died down while Sammy kept going strong.

Suddenly, Sammy stopped screaming and said to Caedmon as clear as day, "Your turn."

WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me? That child just loves to scream and squeal so much and was delighted to have someone to do it with. He had become the self-appointed conductor of the screaming orchestra and was making sure Caedmon knew when it was his turn to chime in.

While I tried to contain my laughter in the other room, I heard Caedmon say to Sammy, "Are you even crying? You seem like you're faking it to me." Ahhh, Caedmon, such a discerning little heart.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog! Always makes me smile. This one was just too cute!
Have a great day. Lisa